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  • Lightweight
  • Daily Personal Protection
  • Moisture-Proof
  • Breathable Non-Woven Material
  • Soft & Comfortable Elastic Ear-loops
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    Our 3-layer disposable/surgical mask is made of non-woven fabric which has a better filtration, allows air to flow, and keeps the moisture away. Each layer has a different purpose. The first layer is the moisture-proof non-woven material, second is a high density filtration layer, and the third is the soft non-woven fabric material that provides comfort on direct skin contact. This daily face mask has a soft and comfortable elastic ear loop and a flexible nose bar that keeps the mask in place. Disposable masks should not be worn more than 4 hours. Changing this mask regularly will help it’s effectiveness.

    Words From Anthony Gaeto, CEO.

    Word About Certification:

    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has changed the way we do business, including rules around certification. In fact, the rules change so fast, in some incidences they are changing multiples times a day. These constant changes create incredible challenges. Ocean shipments take up to 30 days and rules have changed that caused entries to be refused. What was legal to import at the time of shipment left the port of origin are no longer allowed to be imported when they arrive at the destination port. If you notice, our listings are for “non-certified” masks. We do this because we cannot afford to have our masks returned for recertification, with the same potential risk they cannot be imported when they return because of another rule change. We have chosen the use of known suppliers that provide surgical masks that are certified in many countries, and also have the components of approved surgical masks here in the US, but without certification. When you purchase from us, you are purchasing masks with the same material that blocks virus transmission, but with our WDB certification. If you look at these videos below you will see some common ways to be assured that you are using an effective mask. I recommend consumers test one of the masks they purchased to see if it is effective, even if they are masks purchased from us.

    Word About Pricing:

    When a retailer jacks up their margin to make additional profit during a crisis it is immoral and illegal. Here at Web Direct Brands, Inc., we would never do that. Then you ask why are our prices higher than in non-crisis times, which is a legitimate question. In a typical supply chain for surgical type masks a retailer buys from a wholesaler, who in-turn buys from importers, that in turn buys from a manufacturer. That manufacturer has its own supply chain, and buys from many raw product goods manufacturers that all have their own pricing policies. One of the key components of these masks is the inner layer of Polypropylene melt-blown cloth that contains nano technology. This highly specialized cloth is the key component of these masks and that product is in high demand. This product is essential to building an effective mask, and is sold based on market based pricing, causing the wholesale price of this product to rise 5+ times. This is the component that is currently driving up the price of masks. As time passes, manufacturers will tool up to create more products, and additional manufactures will come online. This will drive the price back down. Currently we are monitoring the pricing of the components and keeping the pressure on our suppliers to reduce their prices when we see a drop. When our cost drops, consumers will see a reduction in our sales price, that is the WDB promise.

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